So many reason to choose Elran


  • All the backs of Elran reclining furniture are removable for better mobility.
  • Development of the lock for the removable backs was done in-house specifically for our products.


  • 100% new polyester fibre.
  • Curled fibre for a better resiliency, so it retains its shape longer (6 ripples per inch).
  • Silicone treated to avoid fibres bunching up together.
  • Fibre is empty like a straw to allow air to flow through for more abundance.


  • Superior construction grade spruce plywood which is dried better and doesn’t warp or crack.
  • Elran combines materials and make choices according to the application to ensure strength and durability of the furniture. The wood pieces systematically interlock during the assembly



Even more reason to choose Elran…

Seat Foam

  • High quality foam (Density = 2.05 lb/ft3). The competition uses foams that vary from 1.5 to 1.9 lb/ft3.
  • The compression of the foam is the equivalent of flexibility and comfort (33-38 lb/in2) average 36 lb/in2.
  • Elran foam is pre-crushed which allows it to have better comfort upon reception of the furniture.
  • We use high quality No Sag springs with a metal rod linking all of them for better weight distribution.
  • Felt is installed between the springs and the foam to lengthen their life expectancy.

Swivel Base

  • Swivel base available on most of Elran rocker recliners at a minimal cost.
  • Easy to install.
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